Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Off to Kindergarten | Jenn Hoffmann Photography| Personal| San Ramon, Ca

Hard to believe... 5 1/2 years have gone by and today is my "baby's" first day of Kindergarten.  When asked how he feels about starting Kindergarten, he kept saying he was "a little nervous and a lot excited".  So cute.
Today was just a short "get to know you day"; it was just 1.5 hours long.  He was disappointed that he didn't get to go out to recess and "just had to sit around all day".  So funny what his priorites are.
But he's ready to go back tomorrow- so that is good!  And so the journey begins.....

Love this idea I got from Pinterest (or from a friend?  I can't remember).... Have them write their name each year and see how it changes as they grow older!

My little preschool graduate.....  off in the big world now!  We're so proud of you!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Newborn Baby "J"| Jenn Hoffmann Photography| Newborn Photographer| Alamo, Ca

I love photographing newborns!  They all have such unique personalities already at just a few days old!  This little guy is super lucky to have two older brothers to show him the ropes and two loving parents to chase after all three!

Love the little brow furrow here...

I love how the dog is looking over Mom snuggling the baby!

Brotherly love...

Party of Seven! | Jenn Hoffmann Photography| Family Photographer| Danville, Ca

This family was such a delight to photograph!  The "kids" ranged in ages from 17 to 1!!!!  Everyone got along so well and truly had fun with each other (as you'll be able to tell from a certain picture below!).  Mom really wanted pictures of everyone together and I think we certainly accomplished the goal!

The siblings...

Mom and Dad certainly have chemistry with each other; love this shot!

Some of my favorite shots from sessions aren't necessarily the smiley ones... like this one; BIG brown eyes, lashes that go on forever and pouty little lips!  Perfection!

It's too bad they wanted the boring shots... ;)  Look at the air some of them are getting!  WOW!  I love all of their expressions!

Such a beauty...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Third Time is the Charm!| Jenn Hoffmann Photography| Family Photographer| San Ramon, Ca

This sweet family of four was originally booked for a session in late 2011 but with illnesses and poor weather we ended up have to reschedule several times!  We were finally able to have everything fall in to place for us and had a great family Summer session out at the gardens in San Ramon.
The two little ones were so happy and cooperative with lots of great personality!
Thanks so much "L" family; glad we were able to finally do our session!  Like the saying goes.... "third time is the charm"!!! ;)

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