Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall/Holiday Mini Sessions! |Jenn Hoffmann Photography| Family Photographer| Bay Area

I finally made the decision to host two mini session dates to accommodate all of the inquiries I have had in the past month!  I anticipate these to fill up quickly and I don't have much weekend availability left for the year- so act quickly if you are interested!

25 minute on-location mini session
8-10 images in a private, password protected gallery
10% discount on any products/prints
$90 (pre-payment due in full to secure date, non-refundable)

Accessories (hair clips, hats, etc) will be provided by My Little Legs and I will have an assortment of props (generic and holiday) on hand if you like to incorporate them as well!
Also, your children are more than welcome to wear their Halloween costumes for the October Session; just let me know so I can bring the appropriate props!

Saturday, October 15
3:30- Renata H.
4:00- Heather E.
4:30- Heather E.
5:00- Jill D.

Sunday, November 6 (wait list only)
2:30- Renata H.
3:00- Kim K.
3:30- Stephanie H.
4:00- Jennifer W.
4:30- Jenny D.

JUST ADDED....!!!!
Saturday, November 12th
location tbd
2:00- Averi S.
2:30- Stacey G.
3:00- Nicole O.
3:30- Amy M.
4:00- Dana W.

Please note the following:
-maximum of 5 people
-no additional discounts/coupons may be applied
-high resolution cd with all gallery images available for purchase (additional $200 plus 10% discount = $180)
-all sales subject to 8.25% sales tax

Please email me (info@jennhoffmannphotography.com) with your top 3 time slots choices and preferred date (I will book in the order I receive your emails).  I will then send you a link to pre-pay.  Any sessions not paid for within 2 days of booking will be forfeited and possibly given to another client.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

MY Family Photos in Hawaii| Jenn Hoffmann Photography| Personal| Bay Area

Back in July, we went to Hawaii to celebrate my Mom's b-day.  During our stay, I hired a photographer to capture all of us on the beach.  It is always funny to be on the other side of the camera, but I like that I am actually IN some photos with my family!
Here are a few of my favorites...

I requested a silhouette shot and I adore it...  I've already placed a canvas order!

Photography by Jim Dierking

A Hospital Visit| Jenn Hoffmann Photography| Personal| Bay Area

Derek has two emergency room visits under his belt before the age of 5.  This time he was pushed off a pretty high trampoline and broke his wrist (the first was when he slipped a few months ago and hit his head on a bench.  He ended up with 4 staples in his head that time).  It was really traumatic for him as he had to be admitted to the hospital and had surgery to repair the broken bones.

At first sight of his hand, I immediately knew I had to get to the hospital.  He was screaming in pain and kept saying "I can't move my hand"- which made me numb with fear.  I left Ella at the house we were at and drove him to the hospital myself (not quite sure how I did that).

We were immediately given an ER room and he was quickly drugged up on morphine.  One side effect that we were unaware of from the drug, is that it can cause itchiness.  So for the next 12 hours, I stood by his bedside and scratched his face, nose and many other body parts as he screamed out.  He couldn't itch anything himself as he had one broken arm and the other was tethered up with an IV. Not fun.

The next morning he was taken away screaming down the hall in to surgery (a mother's worst nightmare) and came out of surgery with 2 pins holding the bones together.
He's been on the mend ever since.  A week after surgery, he went back to the doctor to have a hard cast put on.  He chose his favorite color red and loved that he could ask people to sign it.

5 days after the cast was put on, I was taking his jammies off in the morning and as I slid the arm of the shirt off his arm I felt the cast slide down with it.  So back to the doctor we went and he ended up being re-casted.  This time he is now sporting a very pretty light blue cast.

He has about 2 more weeks (hopefully) left in the hard cast and then he will have the pins removed and will be placed in a brace.  We are crossing our fingers that he has no long term conditions resulting from this injury and that it will be a good story to tell when he is older.

Here are a few pictures taken with my camera phone and point & shoot...

not what you want your wrist to look like;
the surgeon marked his hand to identify it in surgery

waiting to be taken up to the children's ward

we watched a lot of tv

just before going in to surgery :(

waiting to be released

more tv
definitely the coolest part of the stay...
being wheeled out in a "race car"

Ella is 2! |Jenn Hoffmann Photography| Personal| Bay Area

Our baby girl turned two the beginning of this month.... where did the time go!?!?  She has gotten so much hair this last year, has become Miss Independent (her favorite saying is "I do"), is interested in the potty, started preschool, sings and dances along to Justin Bieber and can throw a tantrum like no other 2 year old.
There is no middle ground for Ella- she is either totally happy, funny and fun to be around or TOTALLY not.  But either way, we love her to pieces and are so thankful to have her as a part of our family.

Here she is the day of her birthday...

And blowing out her candles after dinner...

Monday, September 19, 2011

The "S" Family in the Gardens| Jenn Hoffmann Photography |Family Photographer| San Ramon, Ca

I met up with the "S" family on a HOT night; it definitely still feels like summer!  They have two sweet girls who liked gathering the apples and reading books!  Enjoy your Sneak Peek!

Peeking through the flowers at them reading a favorite book...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Congratulations! | Jenn Hoffmann Photography| Family Photographer| Bay Area

Random.org picked a winner!!!!  It was comment #39 from Ashleigh who said "I would be so excited to win this for my 9 month old twins! I liked everyone on facebook!".
If this is YOU, please email me at info@jennhoffmannphotography.com to redeem your BIG prize! Congratulations and thank you to everybody who entered!

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